Address: Kralja Tomislava 47, Čitluk, Bosnia & Hercegovina

Info: Email: [email protected]     Tel: +387 63 325 249      Josip Grbavac

Address: Kralja Tomislava 47, Čitluk, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Date: 21.09.2019.


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email: [email protected]
kontakt: +387 63 325 249

PARTICIPATION FEE:    16 Eur Individual   –   26 Eur – Team 

AWARDS: Trophies and medals for all categories.

Award for the most successful

About the event Dani berbe grožđa

The tourist-cultural-economic manifestation “Dani berbe grožđa” Čitluk has been traditionally held since 1955 as a very important event for the entire Brotnjo and its inhabitants. It is dedicated to the beginning of the harvesting of cane fruits and is held in September, and this is the first week after the church holiday of St. Cross and takes up to 3 (three) days. From year to year, this event is getting richer and richer, and the organizer’s desire to grow into an international vintage, winemaker and cultural creativity. Its flourishing in program terms, the event was experienced after the Dayton Agreement and the cessation of war in BiH, and especially after 1998, when the Statutory Decision was adopted, and the purpose and goals of this event were specified.